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          Beech Freeze Sports Cooler
         A brand new product to fundraising and
       everyone will want one. Just in time for HOT
       WEATHER! It will cool a room temperature
       drink in 20 min. and keep a cold drink even
       colder for up to 8 hours. Don't compare this to
       Bargain Store coolers as it doesn't even compare.
       Check it out TODAY and let's get started with
       your next FUNDRAISER. Click on the photo for
       more details about this unique product.
                       We can also combine
               other products for more variety.
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Order Taker Fundraiser
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Fashion Jewelry
Up to 50% Profit
Gourmet Fundraiser
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Boston's Best Beverages
Candy Fundraiser
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One Dollar Bars
Four Programs to Choose From
Up to 52% Profit
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We Make Every Effort To Promote Products Made In
Introducing Some Of Our Newest Fundraising Products

We are excited to be able to offer you 50+ Products for your fundraising needs. If you are looking for something different in fundraising
then you are at the right place.
We make your fundraiser unique because we combine a combination of
products that will appeal to your supporters. We then customize
the order taker with your organizations information
People like to have a choice!
Offering a variety of products gives you a better opportunity
to achieve higher profits!

Let us customize a program for your next fundraiser.
Don't delay contact us today!

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Fundraising Tip
When looking for the right fundraising product to sell keep in mind how big your group is
and how much profit is needed. Do your research in the community to find
out what other groups are selling. If someone is selling cookie dough it wouldn't be a
good idea to try selling more of the same. Find out from the other members of your
group what appeals to them. Take the top five products and vote on them. It will
help to narrow your choices. During this time it would be a good idea to talk to a
professional fundraising consultant to get some ideas to present to the rest
of your fundraising group. A GREAT FUNDRAISER just doesn't happen!
It takes thought, planning, enthusiasm and input from others to get you started
towards your best fundraiser ever.


Click on photo for details
Sit Back and Enjoy a Hot Steaming Cup of
Gourmet Sipping Cocoa
In 1 lb. & 2 lb Containers