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Aspen Valley Cocoa Fundraising Page
"Comfort Foods"
Quick, Easy and Delicious
Just Add Water

Four Flavors in 1 & 2 lb. tins or
3 lb. Gift Pack
Mint Truffle ~ Milk Chocolate
Raspberry ~ French Vanilla
(White Chocolate)

Four Flavors of Drink Mixes
Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Six Flavors of Soup Mixes
Five Flavors of Muffin Mixes

  • Cocoa ~ One and Two Pound Tins and Gift Pack (three one pound tins or one two-pound & one one-pound tin combination)

    Aspen Valley Cocoa Mixes...........Selling Price 1 lb. Can: $8.00 ~ 2 lb. Can: $12.00 ~ Gift Pack: $20.00

    All products are packed 6 units/case one flavor per case.   Gift Pack is individually packed to the piece.
Case Price for Direct Sales: Cocoa 1 lb.-can: $25.20      2 lb.-can: $43.20    Gift Pack: $12.00 ea. minimum of 12

    Up to 1,200 Units earns 40% Profit           1,201 + Units earns 50% Profit            FREE Shipping
Lead-time two - three weeks

Consider purchasing Cocoa by the case to Direct Sell at an event

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The 3 lb. Gift Pack
To Get Started On Your Next Fundraiser