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Boston's Best Beverages Fundraising Page
"Boston's Best
Beverage Collection"
"The Ultimate Beverage Collection" that everyone will love.
You will love the seasonal colorful 6-page brochure for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.
A vast selection of beverages packaged in brightly colorful foil bags that are resealable.

Priced $10 - $16 each

This is a great fundraiser for any size group.
  • 40% Great Profit up to 300 Bags
  • A Super 45% Profit on 301 + Bags
  • FREE Shipping on minimum of 300 Bags
  • No Minimum Order
  • Free Student Pack on 500+ units (Pay 6% of sales for smaller orders)
  • Lead-time one-two weeks
  • Payment required when placing order
  • As this is a food product we can not except returns.
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