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Fashion Jewelry Fundraising Page
"Fashion Jewelry and Accessories"
If your tired of over priced low quality
fundraising products, then you will appreciate our
Fashion Jewelry Program.

You will love the low prices with the
promise of Great Profits and High Quality.

Jewelry Fundraiser's work great for
women's groups, cheerleaders, dance groups,
bands,vocal groups, and civic organizations plus
many more types of organizations

Program Details

  • Sales up to $500 earns a Great 40% Profit
  • Sales over $501+ earns a Terrific 50% Profit
  • FREE Shipping on minimum sales of $200.00
  • Collect payment when taking your supporters order
  • Payment required when placing your order
  • Up to ten business days lead-time for Brochures and Products
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Payment may be by Organizations Check, Money Order, Visa or Master.

Click on photo to see Highlights of the Fantastic Fall 8-page Brochure

Eight-Page NEW FALL Brochure with 71 Items (priced $8.50 -$34.50)
Includes 22 Items @ $12.50 or less
Choice of Watches, Sunglasses, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Men's Jewelry,
Children's Jewelry, and Sport's Jewelry

Fundraising Tip

How do you decide on which product to sell?
  First: You need to consider who you're going to sell the products to. Then what type of products                 have sold well in the past. If it was foods then we can design a fundraiser that includes                   food plus another product for variety.
  Second: What age group is involved. You need to target the product to the age group
  Third: How big of profit do you want to raise. If you need to raise many thousands and you have                a small to medium size group you need to consider the price of the product plus how much                each person needs to sell to reach that profit goal.
  Fourth: You need a product that the members of your group can get enthusiastic about selling.                    Enthusiasm is the key ingredient for having a successful fundraiser.

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