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Cedar Creek Gourmet Flavored Popcorn Fundraiser
Cedar Creek Gourmet Flavored Popcorn


French Vanilla



Cheddar Cheese


1-Gallon Size ( 3 Styles 4 Flavors: French Vanilla, Cinnamon, Caramel, & Cheddar Cheese)
2-Gallon Size ( 2 Styles 3 Flavors: Caramel, Cheddar Cheese & French Vanilla)
2.5 oz. & 8 oz. Bags ( French Vanilla, Caramel, Cinnamon & Cheddar Cheese)
Korn Krunchies ( Seasoned Parched Corn ( Original, Bar-B-Q, Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeno)

Group's Cost Per Item

       1-Gallon Size: $5.00 ea.                    2-Gallon Tin: $14.00 ea.                   8 oz. Bag: $3.00 ea.
        2.75 oz. Bag: $1.25 ea.                                                                           Korn Krunchies: $2.50 ea.

Group's Cost Per Case

      1-Gallon Size: 8per ca/$40 ca.           2-Gallon Tin: 2per ca/$28 ca           8 oz. Bag: 12per ca/$36 ca.
     2.75 oz. Bag: 24per ca/$30 ca                                                              Korn Krunchies: 12per ca/$30 ca.   
Suggested Selling Price
(Your organization decides on the selling price)

       1-Gallon Size: $7 - $10 ea.                   2-Gallon Tin: $18 - $20 ea.              8 oz Bag: $4 - $5 ea.
      2.5 oz. Bag: $2 - $3 ea.                      Party Time Bag: $4 - $5 ea.           Korn Krunchies: $3.50 - $4.00

FREE SHIPPING (within 48 contiguous states)
Minimum Order One Case Per Container/Bags
Flavors Can Be Mixed For Same Size Containers/Bags Per Case
The different flavors of popcorn are only sold by the case.
Tired of selling Cookie Dough & Candy? Then this is the fundraiser for YOU!
Gourmet (already popped) Flavored Popcorn is a product that everyone likes.
Once you taste the French Vanilla or any of the flavors, you'll want them ALL!
With Personalized Canisters
Your Schools Mascot ~ Organization's Logo ~ Show Your Team Spirit
Sell Canisters At Special Events

  • Choice of all Four Flavors
  • $50.00 Screen Charge
  • Up to Four Colors
  • Camera ready artwork is required
  • 80-Gallon Minimum Order ( Ten Cases - Eight Canisters to a Case)
  • You may mix the flavors per case
  • FREE Shipping
  • Payment due when placing the order
  • Shelf life up to 6 months
  • Lead-time up to 3-weeks

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Spirit Fundraiser
Click on photo for details
Personalized "Name Bead" Creations

It's our goal to help you have a "GREAT FLAVORED POPCORN FUNDRAISER". To do this, we will
send you a canister of the popcorn to divide among your sellers for samples. We guarantee that you will
have a Great Fundraiser when making an honest effort of selling the flavored popcorn.
When your supporters taste the great flavors they will want more than one.
This method has proven to be very successful!