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Nuts/Mixed Nuts
Caramel Popcorn
Trail Mixes
Malted Milk Balls
Chocolate Covered Peanuts
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Backwoods Trail Mix
Cajun Cracker Mix
California Mix
Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Hokey Pokey
Mowy Wowy
Mixed Nuts
Roasted Cashews
Butter Toffee Peanuts
Malted Milk Balls
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Butter Toffee Almonds
Happy Snack Mix
Hokey Pokey
Salty Nut Roll Mix
No Nutty
Cinnamon Apple Mix
Student Mix
Taste of the Tropics Mix
Sesame Treat
Crazy Raisin Mix
All Snacks
7 oz. - 10 oz. Bags

Selling Price

Benefit Of Our Snack Foods Fundraiser
  • Sell up to 299 Bags earn 40% Profit
  • 301+ Bags earn 45% Profit
  • FREE Shipping on sales over $500.00
  • Choose from Two Fundraising Brochures
  • Packed fresh from the factory shipped directly to your door
  • Healthy Snacks that are EXCELLENT QUALITY
  • 24 Units per case
  • You may purchase in bulk to sell at functions

A New Healthy Alternative In $1.00 Fundraising
ENERGY BLAST ~ Direct Sell Program ~ $1.00 Snack Bags
What's In The Bag: Sunflower seeds, Spanish Peanuts, Banana Chips and Chocolate Teenies
Program Details
  • 50% Great Profit
  • Selling Price is $1.00 for each 2.5 oz. Bag
  • Minimum Order is ONLY one Master Case consisting of
       8 - 32 bag Carrying Cases
  • Groups Cost is only $128.00 per Master Case
  • FREE Shipping on minimum of 5 + Master Cases
  • Encourage each seller to sell a Carrying Case each
  • Payment is required when placing the order
  • To insure factory freshness we cannot except returns
  • Feel good about offering High Quality Healthy Snacks to sell instead of candy bars
  • Energy Blast won't melt like candy during the summer months

Each Person selling One Carrying Case each to start with

                 20 Sellers x 32 Bags @ $1.00 ea. = $   320.00 Profit
               100 Sellers x 32 Bags @ $1.00 ea. = $1,600.00 Profit

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