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An innovative and unique fundraising program
offering personalized items:
Pens, Keychains, Bookmarks, Backpack Clips, Photo Frams, Necklaces and Two Kind of Bracelets

12-page Colorful Brochure

Something For Everyone!

Prices: $7.00 ~ $10.00 ~ $12.00

The Profit Potential Is Unlimited!

  Program Details:
  • Group earns a Great 40% Profit
  • FREE Shipping on orders over $500
  • FREE Sales Materials (Brochure, Order Form & Collection Envelope)
  • Prize Program: Each seller earns one free, customized pen or keychain for every 20 items sold; no cost to your organization. (Orders CANNOT be combined)
  • Payment is required when placing your total order
  • Lead-time up to 3-4 weeks depending on the season and destination
  • Each group & sellers order is packed separately with white order form enclosed
  • A kit of extra beads and parts is sent with group's merchandise so if any items are misspelled or any beads are crack they can be fixed immediately.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

All items, except Italian Link Bracelets, include a maximum of three or
eight letters or numbers, depending on specific
item. Italian Link Bracelets include either five or eight chams
with designs
and/or letters
(NO numbers available)

$7 each
$7 each
$7 each
$7 each
$10 each
$10 each
$10 each
$10 each
Christian Inspired Jewelry Fundraiser
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Fashion Jewelry
Up To 50% Profit
Gourmet Foods
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House Flags and Candlelight
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Liberty Candles & Flags
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Spirit Fundraiser
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Wax-Dipped Scented Cheerleader Bears
Bath/Body and
Candle Fundraiser
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Jeane-Yvonne Bath/Body and Candlelight  Collection
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