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House & Garden Flags
Fundraising Program
All of the flags and banners are made of quality 100% Dupont nylon. Sell some of the most colorful garden and house flags available.
Garden Flags (12"x 16") House Flags (28"x 40")

Seasonal Flags, Garden Flags, House Flags, Garden Markers,
Wind Chimes, Holiday Flags, Collegiate Flags and Hardware

Program Details
  • Up to $999.00 in sales earns 40$ Profit
  • $1000.00 + earns 45% Profit
  • FREE Shipping
  • Flags and Garden items sell from $7.50 - $33.00 each
  • Student Packing Available
  • 16-Page Brochure or 4-Page Brochure to choose from
  • 82 different items to select from
  • Payment required when placing the order

Why Sell Flags For A Fundraiser
  • Flags are a unique fundraiser
  • Flags are quality products that last and provide years of enjoyment
  • Flags are great gift ideas
  • Neighborhood Flags are competitively priced
  • FEWER sales are needed for BIGGER PROFIT!
  • Get Started Today With A Great Fundraiser!

Collegiate Flags
Garden Flags (12" x 16")   House Flag (29" x 44")
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